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Mon, 17 Nov 2008 - 12:47 PM CST

New Life Covenant
Chicago, Illinois

The leadership and congregation of Chosen Vessels Women's Ministries encompass the true meaning of discipleship. Their mission is clear: to serve, disciple and love hurting women. Women's Coordinator Rosie Chicol says, "New Life is known as a church for the hurting and we have adapted and taken ownership with that concept."

Chosen Vessels' core leadership team consists of 12 women—six of whom oversee the ministries geared toward women's issues, and six who oversee the administrative work for monthly fellowship, Bible studies and coordinated events.

Chosen Vessels hosts over 10 ministries simultaneously in one year's time. These include Divine Sisterhood, Hope Behind the Walls, Ladies in Waiting and One2One.

Divine Sisterhood is a single moms group, teaching practical applications such as finance and discipline, as well as empowering single moms through support, friendship and prayer. Hope Behind the Walls is a weekend women's prison ministry. Their mission is to be a light in darkness, open the eyes of the blind, and proclaim the message of the love and hope of Jesus Christ to incarcerated inmates. Ladies in Waiting is for women who are in spiritually unbalanced marriages. This group offers support, teaching, encouragement to hang on, and prayer. One2One is a mentoring program to facilitate spiritual growth and development through care, support and mentorship.

Alongside these ministries, Chosen Vessels hosts three annual retreats called Encounter, Discover and Victory. These retreats are a three-step process, held simultaneously and twice a year. The first step is called Encounter, and is designed to help women move from their past and be grounded in a future with Christ. Encounter teaches the power of spoken words and forgiveness, and encourages women to have meaningful encounters with God.

The next step is Discover. The purpose of Discover is to prepare oneself for God's work. Discover offers teachings and tests to discover ones' unique gifts in Christ. The women are then taught the importance of getting involved and how to incorporate those gifts.

The final step is Victory. Victory is a themed retreat led by multiple leaders. Victory calls for celebration and practical application as a revived vessel in Christ. Chicol calls these retreats "one of the most important aspects of our ministry."

During the retreats women often experience greater intimacy in their relationship with Christ, and then desire to begin ministering themselves. Consequently, Chosen Vessels provides leadership and discipleship classes to teach those women how to lead other women. Leaders desiring to head their own ministry must attend all three retreats, as well as the leadership and discipleship classes.

Chosen Vessels' various ministries will continue to multiply— future aspirations include weekly Bible studies, weight loss ministries and feeding the homeless ministries. The ministry's motivation is truly driven by their love for hurting women and their love for Jesus Christ. Their humble servanthood and attentive leadership is exemplary in truly caring for the women in their community. Chicol says, "Don't give up! Even if one person comes, give it your all just for that one person. And make sure to always stay on your knees."

You may reach Rosie Chicol by phone at (773) 384-7113, or by email at The church's Web site is

NICHOLE BANSUELO began interning at the General Council for Women's Ministries in January of 2007. Currently she is pursuing a degree in public relations and advertising from Evangel University. After obtaining her degree from Evangel, Nichole dreams of taking an active role in Women's Ministries through event and conference planning.
Nichole has always loved being a part of Women's Ministries. After graduating high school, she interned for Women's Ministries at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA. Her true joys in life are her family, friends, worship and ministry.

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