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Renew Your Faith

Wed, 06 Dec 2006 - 9:42 AM CST


Renew Your Faith

Life's concerns can increase with age, but fear and anxiety are toxic emotions.  When you worry, you cannot have peace; and without peace, there is no joy. Allowing your mind to be consumed by worry is a form of atheism because it shows a lack of faith and questions the authority of God.  When apprehension or nervousness consumes your mind and your time, try these solutions:

Write down things that bother you using emotional words like think, understand, and realize.  when you write with emotion about a stressful situation, you relieve stress.

Write a self-help book.  Start a "life's lessons" journal where you can write down inspirational quotes and thoughts.  Refer to it when you need a calming perspective.

Take a gratitude pause.  You can do this anywhere at anytime.  Whether you are waiting in line at a store, stopped in traffic, or waiting for an appointment, simply use those moments to consider and give thanks for all you have. 

Listen to calming music.  While in your car or at home or the office, make your location a "serenity park" and use the time to filter your mind.

 Engage your mind.  Focus your thoughts with worthy and productive learning.  An occupied mind has no room for fear.  Active learning increases intelligence. 

Relaxing your mind can become a habit to counteract the habit of holding on to tensions.  replenish your mind with good thoughts and God's promises. 

Pray for wisdom in circumstances and change your expectations to blend with your actual needs instead of your wants.  Seek His kingdom and attain contentment.

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