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New Teen Girl Web Features

Tue, 05 Dec 2006 - 12:05 PM CST

New Web features for your teen girls! The Friends and Girls Only Web pages are sporting some new, fun features, and your girls can be involved. While the previous Friends and Girls Only Web pages offered features for teen girls, more features have been added, and former ones have been replaced.

Snack and craft features have been offered on the Web pages for years. In an effort to encourage more interactive features, they have been replaced with Q & A, where girls submit questions to be answered by Friends and Girls Only Specialist Sherrie Batty, and Art & Soul where girls may submit original poems and other works of art. Other added features are Book Nook featuring book reviews, Mortifying Moments where girls can share their embarrassing moments, and relevant articles. Features remaining unchanged are the Poll question and the Gold Medalist page featuring Gold Medalists who have filled out and mailed in the Gold Medalist Profile sheet.

Girls can submit their questions, embarrassing moments, and original works of art by sending an e–mail to Sponsors can submit feature article ideas, and they may also compile answers from girls and submit them to The Web site will be updated bimonthly, and depending upon the amount of submissions received the Web site may move to monthly updates. To view the Friends and Girls Only pages visit and

Authors: Sherrie Batty

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