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Grandma's House

Wed, 18 Oct 2006 - 4:19 PM CST


Grandmas House

by Nelda Ammons

If your church is located near an elementary school, consider opening a "Grandma's House."  Meet with your pastor to discuss the possibility of offering a before and after school daycare for children with grandparents as volunteer caretakers.

Be sure your church has adequate insurance to cover the children and volunteers.  Check with an attorney if necessary.

Grandpas can provide playtime for the children.

  • Play games. 
  • Color pictures. 
  • Teach the alphabet or new words. 
  • Play catch.

Grandmas can provide nurturing.

  • Provide milk and cookies.
  • Hold the shy children and reassure them.
  • Talk to the children and listen to their stories.

Other activities can be led by either grandparent.

  • Read stories at designated times.
  • Make simple crafts to take home.
  • Sing songs and play instruments together.

Keep complete records for each child who attends Grandma's House.  You need the name, address, phone number, emergency contact, and any physical limitations or diet restrictions.


This service can be strictly gratis, or a small hourly fee may be charged.  Have set hours for opening and closing.

Solicit enough volunteers to provide  adequate help for the number of children you have attending.  Keep order among the children.

Allow for drop-in children who need to come occasionally.  Consider naptime for children who need it.

All children love grandparents.   Be the best they have ever known.


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