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Change Happens

Wed, 18 Oct 2006 - 4:14 PM CST


Change Happens

by Jill Franck

We often think of change as a hooded bandit who sneaks into our lives and steals the youth of our children.  We want our life to stay the same.  We rebel against change because there is security in sameness and predictability, but change cannot be stopped.  Consider the principles of growth that come from change.

  • Accept the inevitability of change.  You cannot control people or things simply to maintain your sense of security.  Every person and every thing will change.  You must strive to evaluate change by how it affects others, not just yourself.

  • Accept the possibility that change can become the vehicle God uses for your own good.  Change can be constructive or destructive depending on your attitude.

  • Accept God’s ability in directing your life.  Put your trust in the One who never changes.  Stand firm in your faith, and know He will handle your life in the midst of change.

  • Trust Him to guide you through the changes in your life, and you will experience His fullness.


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