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Kandi's Krash-O-Rama at Ranger Derby

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 - 3:51 PM CST

June 2016

A few months before this year's Ranger Derby, Gary Bayes, Cincinnati sectional commander, threw out a challenge to his staff-develop an alternative event for derby contestants who are not in the final heat. The problem was many boys and girls and their parents would leave if they were eliminated in the first round rather than wait 1-2 hours for the awards.

After a flurry of proposals, the team came up with a workable event named Kandi's Krash-O-Rama. Any racer disqualified in the first heat was allowed four chances to "crash" his or her car into a "Krash Dummy" to see how far they could knock it down the track. To prevent damage to the cars, the crash sled is padded with foam. The one who knocks it the farthest receives Kandi's Trophy.

We made two crash sleds of identical weight with fixed wheels. They were designed to slide down the last flat section of track after impact. Initial trials resulted in the sled flipping end-over-end through the air. After a few tests to determine proper amount and placement of weights, the sleds would usually remain on the track. Distance was measured from point of impact to final position whether or not the sled remained on the track.

The Ranger Derby flyer included instructions and promotion for Kandi's Krash-O-Rama. There was plenty of excitement among those who were eliminated. In fact, the enthusiasm was so great many finalists were upset they were not allowed to participate. We achieved the desired result in that few racers and their parents left before the awards.

Part of the competition was to promote Kandi's Krash-O-Rama as the girls' challenge to the boys. Several of the ladies ran the event and judged the results. The competition for Kandi's trophy was fierce, but there could only be one winner. One of the young ladies walked away with the trophy for the longest crash. Kandi's Krash-O-Rama promises to be a regular hit in the Cincinnati Sectional Ranger Derby.

Bill McGreehan
Cincinnati Section, Outpost 283


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