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Trappers Brigade Update

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 - 3:43 PM CST

June 2016

Announced at LEAD16, the Trappers Brigade program was updated. The key items that were outlined are below. Note that these changes are immediate and will need to be reported this year on your annual reports.

The number of hours needed to complete each advancement level was adjusted:

  • Outpost Service - 15 hours
  • Local Church Service - 15 hours
  • Local Community Service - 5 hours
  • Missions Service - 5 hours

The priority missions initiatives for Royal Rangers will continue to be Royal Rangers International, Pathfinders Missions, BGMC Master's Toolbox, and Speed the Light. Other worthwhile missions agencies, such as Light for the Lost, U.S. MAPS, Chi Alpha, and Teen Challenge can now be used for Missions Service hours.

Refer to the Assemblies of God Web site for additional missions opportunities at FCF members who are not members of an AG church should continue to support the middle school and high school age missions programs for their denominations.

Outpost Service hours are approved by your outpost coordinator. Church, community, and missions service hours are approved by your pastor. As in previous years, the Trappers Brigade application, reporting hours served, will be submitted to your FCF chapter scribe.

The Trappers Brigade pins and the new medallions for all three levels are available from My Healthy Church for purchase by the local outpost. Additional information on the Trappers Brigade program can be found at

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