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The V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Charitable Foundation awards $75,000 grant to AGTS at Evangel University

Fri, 19 Dec 2014 - 8:55 AM CST

AGTSfoundationThe V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Charitable Foundation recently awarded the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary a grant of $75,000 to provide new scholarships for current students who are preparing or serving as missionaries in foreign countries. As the first installment of a 3-year disbursement, the Seminary received $25,000 in December. 


This isn't the first time AGTS has been a recipient of the Foundation's generosity. The DeFreitas Charitable Foundation Endowed Scholarship, distinct from the recent gift, has grown to $100,000 and has provided $20,400 in scholarships from interest earnings.


These funds have a palpable impact in lives by helping AGTS students like Tara Kenyon, missionary to Panama and Fall 2014 DeFreitas Scholarship recipient. Tara and her husband, Gerritt, share the gospel in the public high schools of Panama City through ethics and character presentations. An alarming number of students who come to them for help have experienced the horror of sexual abuse. The Kenyons host an annual girls-only event called "ilumina" to help address these taboo issues and to facilitate healing through dynamic testimonies and the presentation of the gospel as their hope and future. They also launched El Refugio, a youth-church and outreach center designed to help Panamanian students feel safe, valued and heard-a refuge.

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