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Donation to Northpoint Bible College Library

Tue, 06 May 2014 - 9:38 AM CST

NBClibraryNorthpoint Bible College will be receiving a large portion of R.W. Schambach’s personal study library. This generous donation came from Evangelist Donna J. Schambach, daughter of R.W. and the president of the Schambach Foundation


Ms. Schambach states that she intends for the collection “to be a resource to young men and women being trained for full time ministry.” She went on to say that her father “had a special love for this school and its leaders and ministered there several times. He would be thrilled!”


“We are excited to receive this generous donation,” said Dr. David Arnett, President of Northpoint Bible College. “We plan to keep the collection together to assure that students are introduced to the ministry of Evangelist R.W. Schambach as they use the tools from the library of this great man of faith.”

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