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AG CompACT Family Services Receives 7 Tons of Blessings

Mon, 02 Dec 2013 - 4:20 PM CST

Jay Mooney
In Herreid, South Dakota, CompACT Director Jay Mooney stands in front of a tractor trailer carrying tons of beef and pork waiting to be processed — a gift from the AG German District.

"What's for supper?" It's a question heard frequently in homes everywhere. And for the past 38 years, Assemblies of God CompACT (Compassionate Action) Family Services has thanked the AG German District for providing the answer to that question day after day.

AG CompACT Family Services in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is focused on providing a home for children in need of a loving family and pregnant young women who are in need of loving care. Yet what few people stop to consider is that a part of loving foster/orphaned children and young women, is providing their meals. At CompACT on average about 75 people are fed on a daily basis through the residential ministries of Hillcrest Children's Home and Highlands Maternity Home, representing more than 27,000 meals a year.

In steps the AG German District.

For nearly four decades, the district has worked diligently to purchase or have donated cattle and hogs to supply meat for CompACT (made up of Hillcrest Children's Home, Highlands Maternity Home, and the Transitional Living Center). This year was no different.

Herreid AG in South Dakota (Pastor Don Hill) plays a lead role in this effort. Back in the 1970s, the pastor of Herreid AG at that time, Jim Comer, came up with the donation idea. He partnered with the Rueb family and the German District to help get funds and animals donated for what was then Hillcrest Children's Home. That partnership and effort has continued through the generations, as the family and church still play the key roles in the event's success. 

"Since the first meat cutting, the heart of the district family has been to touch the lives of those who are in need," says German District Superintendent Dan Miller. "In fact, it is a time of anticipation for the many that gather together and process 6 tons of beef and pork in one day. There is this feeling inside of all of our hearts that we are hearing the words of Jesus as He says, 'I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.' You see, we are not only meeting the needs of CompACT we are touching the heart of the Master."

Executive Director of AG COMPACT Family Services Jay Mooney says, "About 50 to 60 people from South and North Dakota (along with football players from Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota, who come to help carry the sides of meat) gather in the Herreid basement to trim and package meat. These are experienced meat carvers who get the most out of every side of beef or pork placed before them - there's very little meat wasted."

Herreid processing
Men and women volunteer their time and skills to help trim and package 6 tons of beef and pork in a single day.

Although the number of animals provided varies a little from year to year, this year Mooney says the district provided 11 cows and 32 hogs, which trimmed out to about 12,000 pounds of meat. In addition to the meat, the participants also donated 1,300 pounds of potatoes and 700 pounds of onions for a total of 14,000 pounds of food.

The Herreid AG church family are unbelievably organized," Miller says. "You are absolutely amazed as you watch everyone doing their job, and yet, having a wonderful time of fellowship."

"I would estimate a conservative value of this annual donation to be at least $40,000 a year," Mooney says. "It's an incredible blessing!" Mooney says he's also thankful for Convoy of Hope, which has provided the refrigerated truck to transport the tons of food from Herreid to Hot Springs for the past 7 or 8 years.

Although Mooney says he never stops marveling at the ongoing generosity that this gift represents, he says the significance of this gift is not wasted upon the children and staff of CompACT.

"Every year, it's like a party when the truck arrives," Mooney says. "The kids and house parents all come out and they help unload the Convoy of Hope truck, hauling all those packages of meat into our freezers. I wish you could see them all working together — they know what this gift means."

Miller says the district family counts it a privilege to have God use them in this way. 

"We may never be able to meet those at Hillcrest and Highlands, but we certainly feel that we are a part of their lives," Miller says. "The greatest blessing that we receive is knowing that we are meeting a need and taking part in changing a life."

And what do the farmers, ranchers and German district representatives ask for in return of this bountiful blessing?

Mooney says simply, "These are hard-working, generous, and humble people. All they ever ask is for us to pray that God would bless their farms and ranches so that they can provide for us again the following year."

For more information about the AG German District, click here. To learn more about CompACT, see its website.




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