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This Week in AG History -- November 18, 1956

Mon, 18 Nov 2013 - 4:13 PM CST

"Gratitude is something you cannot pretend. It is the product of a humble soul who has learned to appreciate others."

It was with these words that C. M. Ward began his 1956 Thanksgiving sermon on the Assemblies of God radio broadcast Revivaltime. The sermon, published in the November 18, 1956, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel, concluded with an admonition to live carefully and to respect every person:

"Life, to the grateful, bears a dignity. It can never be wasted. Nothing is trivial. Just as a few threads of color in a fabric may be important if they are a part of the over-all plan that makes a room warm and inviting, likewise to the grateful person's mind, even the 'widow's mite' is important as a part of the whole-the whole contribution that humanity makes throughout history."

During his tenure (1953-1978) at the helm of the radio ministry, Ward became one of the best-known personalities in the Assemblies of God. Ward's warm speaking style and engaging messages attracted admiration and listeners across the globe. Read Ward's sermon, "My Cup Runneth Over," on pages 3, 23 and 24 of the November 18, 1956, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel.

Also featured in this issue:

* "Let Us Give Thanks," by B. L. Bresson

* "And Be Thankful," by Ernest S. Williams

And many more!

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Authors: Darrin Rodgers

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