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Next Gen Youth Leaders Network Addresses Spirit-empowered Living

Mon, 18 Nov 2013 - 4:13 PM CST

The Empowered21 Next Gen Youth Leaders Network (NGYN21) recently hosted a summit comprised of youth leaders from around the globe in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The youth leaders discussed topics such as Spirit-empowered living in the 21st century, the impact of the Holy Spirit on discipleship, and developing young Spirit-empowered disciples in the ministry.
"We seem to think there is a different method used in other countries," said Christ for All Nations President Daniel Kolenda. "The gospel works with humanity and all cultures. We were created to receive it. Just preach its simplicity and let the Holy Spirit do the drawing. God is going to give our generation a message that is so old, they think it is new. The hub is the gospel of salvation, the other spokes will align."
NGYN21 attendees participated in round table discussions on discipleship. Leaders facilitated Q & A sessions addressing challenges of discipleship including: What a Spirit-empowered disciple should look like in the 21st century, steps local churches can take to ensure they are developing Spirit-empowered young disciples in their ministry, and the difference that the Holy Spirit makes in the discipleship process.
NGYN21 leaders also discussed tracts for the Jerusalem 2015 Empowered21 Global Congress, which will be held over Pentecost on May 18-24, 2015, in Jerusalem. Some of the up to 15 tracks will focus on prophecy, leadership, church planting and worship arts.
The Empowered21 Global Congress is poised to be one of the largest gatherings in modern Jerusalem history. The Congress plans to host main sessions in a new arena in Jerusalem, which is now under construction as well as at Caesarea and Bethlehem.
"We expect a powerful moment to come from those experiencing the sessions (speaking of Jerusalem 2015)," said Heath Adamson, NGYN21 co-chair and Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries senior ministry business director. "Culture is stronger than vision — Jerusalem 2015 will be a huge culture shaper."
Attendees at the NGYN summit included representatives from the Assemblies of God, The Church of Pentecost South Africa, The International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Foursquare Church, Essential2life, Teen Mania Ministries, Victory Christian Center, Grace North, Cleveland Church of God, Gereja Bethel Indonesia, Pentecostal Church of God Churches, Centro Evangelistico, Bethany World Prayer Center, Christ for All Nations, and Oral Roberts University.
The Next Gen Youth Leaders Network, of which the Assemblies of God is a member, is dedicated to connecting youth leaders from around the world in the pursuit of teaching others the importance of Spirit-empowered living. For more information or to register for the Global Congress in Jerusalem, see For more information on NGYN21, click here.

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