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Need in Philippines Desperate, AG/Convoy Offer Online Giving Option

Thu, 14 Nov 2013 - 8:42 AM CST

Reports coming out of the Philippines indicate that the death toll from Super Typhoon Haiyan may be far less than the 10,000 originally feared to have perished. Yet, as the estimated death toll has dropped, the desperation for hundreds of thousands of Filipinos has exponentially risen.

According to the U.N. and Philippine government reports, the typhoon has affected some 9.5 million people across the Philippines, with 2 million of those in need of food and nearly 600,000 homeless.  In addition, some regions have yet to be reached by any emergency teams. Currently the death toll stands in excess of 2,200.

Reports have also repeatedly confirmed that the need for help is immediate and desperate. The Assemblies of God and Convoy of Hope, having sent supplies and funds in ahead of the storm, are continuing to team resources and personnel to coordinate its ongoing relief efforts.

In order to speed relief to the nation, an online giving link is now available for churches and individuals to give directly to the AG/Convoy Philippines relief effort. In addition, later this week, a video featuring Dr. George O. Wood, AG World Missions Executive Director Greg Mundis, and Convoy of Hope President Hal Donaldson will be made available on the site. The video is designed for church leaders to use to update their congregations and make an appeal to help relieve the intense suffering in the Philippines.

AG World Missions and Convoy of Hope have already acknowledged that the relief efforts in the Philippines will be long term as so many lives, homes and businesses have been lost, with numbers of cities totally destroyed.

"The scope of destruction in the Philippines is nothing short of horrific," says AG General Superintendent George O. Wood. "I cannot imagine the pain and suffering hundreds of thousands of Filipinos are experiencing at this very moment - many of them, our brothers and sisters in Christ. I urge each church, each person, to prayerfully consider what they can give to tangibly express the love and compassion of Christ in this time of extreme crisis."

To make a tax-deductible donation to the ongoing AG/Convoy of Hope relief effort in the Philippines, click here.

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