Events (Main Page)

Events (Main Page)

Tue, 13 Aug 2013 - 1:27 PM CST

The Alliance hosts events annually and biennially to help foster synergy and growth among the students, faculty and administrators at each of our schools. Although our colleges operate independently from one another, we understand that in order to promote Christian higher education, we must learn from and share experiences through interpersonal interaction.


At each event, we hope to:


  • Create awareness for our school bodies and program needs
  • Begin new friendships and strengthen old ones
  • Brainstorm and share ideas to impact multiple schools
  • Encourage continued communication of event attendees outside of Alliance events




Student Leaders' Conference

AG Faculty Conference

Enrollment Summit

Student Leaders' Conference AG Faculty Conference Enrollment Summit

November | Springfield, MO


Three-day conference educates students serving
in leadership positions at their colleges.

June | Springfield, MO


A rotation of AG faculty in various academic fields
attend seminars at Evangel University.

January | Various AG colleges


Financial aid and admissions officers ban together to share recruitment strategies.



Mission Trip

Seminarian's Conference

Mission Trip Seminarian's Conference

Pre-Field Orientiation: May | Springfield, MO
Mission Trip: Summer


AG college students take a two - three month mission trip to experience new culture and witness.

July | Springfield, MO


Students currently in non-AG seminaries can take two, three-semester-hour-credit courses.


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