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Beyond – the Unreached Peoples Imperative

Tue, 30 Jul 2013 - 2:40 PM CST

By Randy Hurst


Ninety years ago our missionary leadership resolved to “seek out the neglected regions where the gospel has not yet been preached.” This has always been a driving motivation in our missionary enterprise. When God opens doors, we want to be able to go through them immediately.


Under Executive Director Greg Mundis’ leadership, the World Missions Executive Committee reaffirmed this Holy Spirit-directed commitment to accelerate our prioritization of unreached peoples. For this reason, AGWM has launched Beyond – the Unreached Peoples Imperative. Our highest priority is reaching those with little or no access to the saving hope of the gospel.


Unreached people groups have been identified in every region of the world. Currently, our missionaries and national churches are engaged with 237 unreached peoples, and that number is increasing almost monthly.


But we must do more. The Holy Spirit is sending us into the greatest effort in our history to reach those who have never heard of Jesus. He is guiding us to do all we can to mobilize our missionary force to take the gospel to more places that have not received the gospel.


In order to help new missionaries reach the fields of their calling – particularly within unreached and restricted-access countries – the Unreached Peoples Fund is now in place.


A small portion of this fund will also be dedicated to research and communication about unreached peoples for dissemination to a broad audience. A significant educational challenge is before us to communicate the urgency of these needs to many within our Fellowship.


“With all the theological fads that spread around the world and all the books on various topics, the fact that people are going to hell is not discussed widely enough,” says AGWM Executive Director Greg Mundis. “We are hardly ever reminded that people are lost without Christ.”


The Beyond imperative will be the focus of the World Missions service at General Council on Thursday, August 8. We are trusting God for three things to happen in that service:

  • That many thousands will engage in an accelerated prayer movement for unreached peoples

  • That many will experience confirmation of God’s call to full-time ministry, world missions and unreached peoples

  • For the greatest General Council World Missions offering ever – to help launch highly committed young people willing to lay their lives on the line to proclaim the gospel and establish the church of Jesus among the unreached.


“I have a passion to marshal our resources, renew our focus, and reignite the kind of fervor for the lost that our forefathers had in the early days of the Assemblies of God,” says Greg Mundis. “We are committed to follow the leading of Christ as He commissions and empowers us to take the gospel to every person on earth.”



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