Finance: Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship

Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship (Up to $8,000)

Fri, 31 May 2013 - 12:41 PM CST

Robert Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship

Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship


Nov. 14 - Feb. 10 (Up to $8,000)



  • First - $8,000: $4,000 for 2 semesters
  • Second - $4,000: $2,000 for 2 semesters
  • Third - $2,000: $1,000 for 2 semesters


Each year, high school seniors can apply for the J. Robert Ashcroft NYSP, a scholarship in memory of a pioneer in AG higher education. Ashcroft served as president of four of our colleges, and he took a leading role as national secretary in the Department of Education. This prestigious scholarship in Ashcroft's honor provides financial assistance to incoming freshmen. Up to three district level winners are nominated by their district. The national scholarships will be awarded no later than April 1.



  • Currently attending an AG church
  • High school senior working toward acceptance into an AG endorsed college
  • Proficient in four areas:
    • Academic achievement
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Christian service
    • Christian character



If you would like to complete an application or have questions, please contact your District Youth Director through your church's district office.



2014 Winners


AmberlynKernAmberlyn Kern

Adell, Wisconsin

North Central University

$8,000 Scholarship Recipient


Amberlyn Kern, daughter of William and Laura Kern, believes that an AG university is the best fit for her. "At North Central University, I intend to double major in Children and Family Ministries and American Sign Language Interpretation. These career paths woll offer me the chance to assist in building bridges not only between the Deaf and the hearing, but also between children and their community. I am so grateful for those supporting me in continuing my education."



Michaela SevierMichaela Sevier

Glendive, Montana

North Central University

$4,000 Scholarship Recipient


Michaela Sevier, daughter of Michael and Debbie (Olson) Sevier, learned about the J. Robert Ashcroft National Youth Scolarship through her youth pastor. "I could not afford an Assemblies of God education without scholarships. I'm so thankful for the opportunity this will afford me to attend North Central University. I will major in student theatre and intercultural studies and would like to have a traveling drama ministry. I can't thank AGTrust donors enough for this jumpstart to this new adventure!"



Wesley WilsonWesley Wilson

Maumee, Ohio

Evangel University

$2,000 Scholarship Recipient


Wesley Wilson, son of Jonathan and Stephanie Wilson, says that attending an AG university will "continue to strengthen my walk with God as well as prepare me with business learning that I can actively apply to my life now and later as a pastor running a church. I also look forward to an atmosphere where I am surrounded by like-minded Christians that will strengthen and encourage each other, as we pursue God's will for our lives."

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