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10 Lies Men Believe

Tue, 23 Apr 2013 - 1:34 PM CST

What Makes a Man? Every day our dysfunctional culture sends mixed signals about manhood as we are bombarded with messages that try to set the standard for us. 

• The world of sports tells us that authentic masculinity is linked to physical strength and winning the game. 

• The world of finance suggests that our worth is tied to the size of our bank accounts, the square footage of our houses, and the make and model of the cars we drive.

• Hollywood tells us that real manhood is measured by our sexual prowess. 

But if we are honest we must admit that muscles, money, and multiple sex partners don’t qualify us for true manhood. The measure of a real man goes much deeper. 

J. Lee Grady has spent ten years confronting the abuse of women in more than twenty-four countries, and he has seen firsthand how men are struggling in their marriages, families, friendships, and careers because of the wrong mind-sets they have absorbed from their culture. In 10 Lies Men Believe he exposes these lies and offers practical answers for everyone who struggles with them.




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