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AG Chaplain Honored by White House

Wed, 24 Apr 2013 - 2:44 PM CST

Ch. Priscilla Mondt

Chaplain Priscilla Mondt, an Assemblies of God-endorsed chaplain who serves as chief of chaplain services at Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas, was recently honored at the White House as a Women's Veterans Champion of Change.

Mondt was one of 14 women veterans from across the United States honored on March 19 for their exemplary leadership at the local, state or regional level.

"This is an awesome honor," states Chaplain Scott McChrystal, AG Military and VA Chaplaincy national representative. "The recognition of Chaplain Mondt is another outstanding example of the great work our female veterans are doing in ministry."

Mondt is a full-career U.S. Army veteran, having served in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. In 2003, she was awarded the Bronze Star for combat valor and in 2005, the Legion of Merit. Mondt is also an Assemblies of God minister who has earned her master's degrees in education (University of Tennessee) and divinity (AG Theological Seminary) and is currently pursuing her doctorate in education through Regent University.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the event, paying honor to the 14 women who served the country through their military careers, and now through their efforts in their communities.

". . . every time this country has issued a call, our veterans and our women veterans in uniform have answered it," Mrs. Obama said. "And as the 14 women we honor today remind us, they continue to answer that call as veterans every single day in our communities." 

In her current role, Mondt is committed to meeting the needs of the 55,000 veterans and their families her center serves and is responsible for a comprehensive spiritual care program. She is also the president of the Northwest Arkansas Chaplain Alliance, working to promote change across many communities.

"I lead a team of strong spiritual leaders unusually gifted in abilities to assess and address needs of our country's warriors," Mondt states in a post to the White House blog. "Physical and emotional needs are intertwined with spirituality and this group shifted the culture to a proactive stance to address needs of all veteran populations served by our facility."

Mondt explains that a chaplain's duty is to attend to the wounds of the soul, those wounds not readily apparent to the human eye. She says the personal dimension chaplains bring to veterans help them replace doubts and fears with hope and assurance.

"Wherever you are placed, your investment in the lives of others builds a stronger nation," Mondt stated.

To read Ch. Mondt's complete post on the White House website blog, click here. For more information about AG Chaplaincy, see



Authors: Dan Van Veen

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