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Prayer videos now available online

Mon, 04 Mar 2013 - 3:18 PM CST

Recently, the Office of Prayer & Spiritual Care (OPSC) posted a collection of prayer videos on its ministry website that can viewed or downloaded for free.

Among the 17 videos offered by the OPSC are seven videos on prayer presented by James Bradford, general secretary. These are part of his Resurrected Life video series. Also a video titled, Two Powerful Prayers, by Doug Clay, general treasurer, is posted from his Monday Motivator series.

In addition to these videos are seven videos by John Maempa, director of the OPSC, from the Prayer Basics teaching package. Rounding out the collection are two sermons on prayer by Maempa.

As most of the videos are within the 5- to 10-minute range, Maempa suggests using the videos as discussion starters or to augment a teaching session on prayer. They also can be viewed for personal reflection and instruction.

"Our hope is that these videos will be used in discipleship ministries and by individual church members as a teaching resource to help people better understand what prayer is all about," Maempa states. "There always is need for basic instruction on this very important spiritual discipline."

To view or download the videos, see the OPSC website and click on the "Prayer Videos" bar.

Authors: AG News

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