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Chi Alpha hosts Fully Funded Coaching and Training Workshop

Mon, 18 Feb 2013 - 4:28 PM CST

Fully Funded conference
Linda Seiler, Chi Alpha campus missionary at Purdue University, shares insights during the Fully Funded Coaching and Training Workshop.

Chi Alpha missionaries representing 25 universities in 18 states met in Dallas, Texas, February 1-3, 2013, for the first Fully Funded Coaching and Training Workshop in an effort to assist missionaries whose budgets had eroded.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries National Director Dennis Gaylor explains, "Chi Alpha missionaries are required to raise personal and work budgets as U.S. Missionaries to fulfill their call to serve on campus. This is a journey with God, individuals and churches who partner with the missionary."

Linda Seiler, from Purdue University and a 13-year campus missionary, opened the weekend challenging missionaries to let God provide for their support. She gave numerous examples of how God came through for her and how she experienced the faithfulness of God with her assignment as campus missionary.

Curtis Cole, Chi Alpha's national support raising trainer, and Gregg Glutting, Chi Alpha's support raising coach, utilized video testimonies, brief instructions and interactive exercises to assist missionaries who were struggling with raising needed finances.

"I suppose you reach a point where you think you know enough," says Daniel Cox from the University of Missouri-Rolla. "But I was really humbled, convicted and encouraged by the seminar. My spirit was revived, my vision was renewed and my perspective was drastically changed."

In the past three years, Chi Alpha has had 22 missionary units receive national appointment with half pioneering on campuses where there has never been a nationally appointed missionary or Chi Alpha, including Duke University, University of Indiana and University of Memphis. Others have been replanting Chi Alpha at University of California Berkeley, University of Georgia and New Mexico State University.

Gabe Moya, a missionary from Charlottesville, Virginia, expressed his appreciation following the event, stating, "Words fail just how thankful I am for the way you all invested in us, the missionaries and coaches, who took part in the workshop. The workshop was simply excellent - the material and format was brilliant. Setting us up for success goes a long, long way to encouraging my heart, especially when it was feeling a bit discouraged and unmotivated."

In addition to this special coaching and training workshop, Chi Alpha offers nine regional support raising training seminars during the spring and a national training in June. These are open to any missionary, missionary associate, intern or student going on a short-term or "give-a-year" assignment in missions.

For more information about Chi Alpha Campus ministries, see its website.

Authors: Dennis Gaylor

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