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AG missions offers church teams surprising array of opportunities

Fri, 07 Dec 2012 - 2:58 PM CST

Every year, AG World Missions and AG U.S. Missions offers church teams countless opportunities to participate in missions efforts at home and abroad. However, it's not uncommon for the local Assembly of God missions coordinator or pastor to be unaware of all the opportunities that exist.

"If your church team has a passion in a particular area, chances are we have a missionary ministry opportunity you'll find fulfillment in," says Keith Kidwell, AGWM administrator. "We have missionaries located on every continent - except Antarctica - with many impacting their worlds with specific ministries."

AG U.S. Missions Administrator Ramona Edgman echoes Kidwell's comments. "If a church calls us and says, 'We're interested in helping Native Americans,' we can connect them with Intercultural Ministries and they can explore the possibilities available in that area. Or say they want to help out a rural church minister to its community hit by a disaster or it just needs some hands to help, we would connect them with Rural Compassion."

Kidwell says that even with thousands of missionaries working around the globe, and more than a thousand U.S. missionaries, he frequently hears of churches and church teams that choose to support and/or travel as a team to help a non-AG missionary or ministry - many times simply because they didn't know a similar AG missionary ministry already existed.

"Some people may shrug it off, thinking that as long as people are hearing about Jesus, what difference does it make?" Kidwell says. "But there are some significant differences - with AG missions ministries, you know that your support dollars are carefully accounted for, you know that the gospel preached is Pentecostal and absolutely true to God's Word and you know that if a missions trip is planned, that the ministry you're traveling to help actually exists - it's not some scam with a fake website or a 'ministry' accountable only to itself."

Kidwell says that in AG World Missions opportunities exist to support or travel worldwide and include all types of building projects - churches, housing, centers, renovations and more - feeding programs, medical missions, children's ministries, ministry to those trapped in the sex trade and countless other possibilities.

"When it comes to U.S. missions, many people believe that the only thing a church team can do is help build a church through U.S. MAPS," says Edgman. "Even though that possibility certainly exists, there are so many other ways church teams can help a missionary's effort - helping to put on a VBS program, assisting with an outreach, renovating a building, physically cleaning up a neighborhood, holding a fund-raiser to help with a desperately needed purchase or to ease a financial drought, landscaping the ministry site grounds, doing community service in cooperation with the missionary - the possibilities are as endless as our missionaries' needs."

Although there's not a master list of all the missionary opportunities available for church teams, as needs constantly change as projects are completed or teams are booked, both Kidwell and Edgman say that all a church needs to do is contact either or both of their departments, share how they desire to serve and if they have any particular ministry and dates in mind.

For more information, contact AG World Missions at 417-862-2781 ext. 3140 or send an email to To contact AG U.S. Missions, call 417-862-2781 ext. 3254 or email

Authors: Dan Van Veen

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