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National Community Church to launch DC Dream Center

Fri, 30 Nov 2012 - 11:31 AM CST

Earlier this month, National Community Church (AG) announced plans to build a DC Dream Center, called DC | DC.

National Community Church (NCC) is a multi-site church located in the Washington, D.C. area, pastored by Mark Batterson. The vision of the church is to meet in movie theaters at metro stops all across the Washington DC area. Currently, NCC has a combined attendance of 2,200 from its six locations - three in DC and three in Virginia, with plans to launch a future Maryland campus. 

Batterson says the church has had the vision to build a dream center in D.C. for a long time. Dedicated to meeting both tangible and spiritual needs in the city, DC | DC will be focused on serving the poor and the disenfranchised and being a place of reconciliation and refuge for southeast DC.

"We have two core convictions that drive us: God will bless us in proportion to how we give to missions, and God will bless us in proportion to how we care for the poor in our city," says Batterson. "The Dream Center is our way of saying, 'Not on our watch! Not in our backyard!' There are a hundred monuments in DC, but the DC | DC is going to be a living monument, a monument of compassion, a monument to what God can do when we love people the way Jesus did."

For more information about National Community Church, click here.


Authors: Becca Dickson

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