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This week in AG history -- November 13, 1943

Mon, 12 Nov 2012 - 3:44 PM CST

Gustav Herbert Schmidt (1891-1958), a prominent Assemblies of God missionary to Eastern Europe, was arrested by the Nazis and charged with spying during World War II.

Schmidt recounted his six-month imprisonment in a November 13, 1943, article in the Pentecostal Evangel. He was arrested in October 1940 and incarcerated in a small, cold, drafty and semi-dark cell, which left him with poor eyesight and hearing loss. He described the food as "almost uneatable."
Despite these poor conditions, Schmidt reported that his Nazi captors did not physically attack his body. Yet, he wrote, "they are masters in torturing one mentally."
Schmidt described his painful separation from his family. He did not know whether his wife had also been arrested, which "created a terrible feeling of suspense."
During his imprisonment, Schmidt drew strength from his faith. He explained, "Never in my life was the presence of the Lord as sweet as during those months. God spoke to me as clearly as one friend does to another." When the burden became too great, Schmidt described a remarkable experience - he would dream of orchestras playing heavenly music. He wrote, "When I awoke from such dreams I heard myself singing psalms in the Spirit and the glory of God filled my heart. On those occasions I was completely enveloped with God's presence and seemed to be floating about in the heavenlies."
Schmidt wrote that "sorrow again would grip me" when confronted by the harsh reality of the Nazi prison. At those times of desperation he heard a voice, "The saints are praying for you now." He would then sense that he was "surrounded by a multitude of saints, all praying for me," which lifted him out of his sadness.
Schmidt was released from prison on May 16, 1941, because of his United States citizenship. He fled to Sweden, where he wrote several books, including "Songs in the Night," which described his imprisonment by the Nazis.
Read the entire article, "Brother Schmidt's Escape," on page 9 of the November 13, 1943, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel.

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