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Streaming and chatting, Sleepover Call-in results in pledges, souls saved

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 - 3:14 PM CST

Sleepover Call-in
Sponsors and girls could watch the Sleepover Call-in live online as well as strike up a live "chat" conversation with National Girls Ministries leaders and volunteers.

"Hello! Thank you for calling the Camp Yupik hotline. Can you please give me the name, address and phone number of your church?"

That greeting was repeated hundreds of time by national staff and volunteers during the annual nation-wide National Girls Ministries Sleepover Call-in on Friday night, September 21.

Every year, AG National Girls Ministries selects a missionary project to support and bless through prayer and their Coins for Kids/BGMC nation-wide project. This year, missionaries Jim and Linda Schulz, who minister to children of Yupik Eskimo tribes in Western Alaska, were selected.

"This is an exciting opportunity to help missionaries change the lives of kids who desperately need to learn about the love of Jesus," says Candy Tolbert, NGM national director. "And many of our districts are pledging more than ever before!"

This year's Sleepover Call-in, designed for girls from kindergarten through fifth grade, offered participating churches some new ways to join in the fun.

"For the first time ever, we live-streamed the Call-in from the national offices in Springfield [Missouri], so girls and leaders could join in the excitement," Tolbert says, "and we also offered live-chat all evening long, where we greeted clubs and their girls who were checking in, answered questions and just had some fun connecting with district and church leaders and sponsors."

Tolbert adds that along with other video messages streamed during the event, Missionary Jim Schulz provided an online video greeting and shared about his work with the Yupik tribes and children.

Over the course of the night, 1,916 girls and 637 leaders called in. Together they pledged $17,227.42 to the Coins For Kids Project. "Historically, that represents only a fraction of the total offerings given by the end of the year," Tolbert explains. "This year, our goal is to exceed $225,000."

Call-in -- Central
As Friends and Girls Only Club members served, girls in Mpact Girls Clubs (K-5th grade) dined on a variety of fun foods at the Central Assembly of God (Springfield, Missouri) Girls Ministries Sleepover event in September.

Explaining that the Sleepover Call-in is about helping girls catch the vision for missions and compassion ministries, Tolbert says the event is also conducive for introducing girls to Girls Ministries clubs - and Christ.

"We encourage sponsors to consider allowing their girls to invite friends to be a part of their Sleepover ," Tolbert says. "This year, we were thrilled to learn of a church in Texas that had eight girls ask Christ to be their Lord and Savior during the Sleepover Call-in. We later had a testimony posted on Facebook about a girl's parent accepting Christ through this event as well!"

Since its inception in 1993, the annual Girls Ministries Coins for Kids Project effort has raised more than $2 million for missions in the United States and around the world.

"We've seen a dramatic increase in giving the last few years," Tolbert says. "It took us 12 years to reach our first $1 million in giving, but only 6 years to reach our second million - our districts, sponsors and the girls they lead are to be commended!"

For more information about National Girls Ministries, which ministers to girls from ages 2 through 18, see To learn more about this year's Coins for Kids Project - Camp Yupik: The Place of God - click here.

Authors: Dan Van Veen

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