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Children's Ministries releases question set generator

Mon, 17 Sep 2012 - 4:01 PM CST

The Assemblies of God Children's Ministries, through a generous grant provided by AG Trust, has created a new online question set generator specifically coordinated with the 576 graded questions of the Bible Fact-Pak.

Designed to enhance the experience for those using the Bible Fact-Pak, the online question set generator offers a great variety of pre-set options as well as the ability to customize the questions by difficulty, category, quotation questions and more.

For those utilizing the generator for Junior Bible Quiz, along with being able to create practice and match quizzes, registered users can use pre-sets to create questions for beginners, intermediate or advanced quizzers; develop sets for those seeking accomplishment seals; and create customized sets of questions based on difficulty, theme and number ranges.

 Patti Chapman

"The question set generator is great for quiz organizers, kids involved in Junior Bible Quiz as well as for teachers and individuals looking to enhance a lesson or their personal Bible study," says Patti Chapman, resource specialist for Children's Ministries. "For example, beginning quizzers could generate questions from just the questions they're studying or a teacher may choose to pull up all the questions dealing with Jesus' miracles."

The "Customize" option in the generator offers 38 different themes to choose (all or in any combination), the ability to filter quotation questions and other miscellaneous options that quizzers and non-quizzers can use.

For those concerned about possible power/Internet outages during a quiz meet, Chapman says that each question set generated is automatically archived for the user online and they can be printed out ahead of time. In addition, as the generator is accessible from all Internet-ready devices, it means instant access on the road and no wasted print outs.

The online question set generated was supposed to cost $75 for the first year of access. However, Chapman says first year has been provided free thanks to AG Trust.

"AG Trust believes in the Bible Fact-Pak and Junior Bible Quiz," Chapman says. "They believe we have two of the best tools around to memorize and study God's Word - and that's what we desire, for God's Word to be planted in the hearts and minds of young people!"

To access the new Bible Fact-Pak online question set generator, register for free at, click on "Activate Generator Now" and follow the instructions provided.

Authors: Dan Van Veen

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