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Children’s Ministries at the National Office 

Children's Ministries (CM) is taking an active role in partnering together with ALL of the departments that minister to children at the National Leadership and Resource Center (NLRC). These departments include: Royal Rangers, Girls Ministries, BGMC and My Healthy Church Children’s Ministries products.

CM eTrainings

Our desire is to provide quality training for the leaders in your district. To help facilitate training and equipping we have launched Children's Ministries eTrainings. These eTrainings are done online.  The trainings allow leaders to train in the comfort of their homes or offices. The webinars will be based on a multitude of different children’s ministry training topics and are completely interactive. They will also be done in Spanish and other languages.  To find the list of current CM webinars please go to My Healthy Church.

CM One Day Training Events

CM offers one day training seminars on multiple topics. These one day training events are done by the CM field staff and provide very beneficial training to your leaders. They can be integrated into events that you are already having, or can be stand alone events. We can also tailor these events to the individual needs of your district. These events can be placed strategically in your district in locations that are easy for leaders to get to. The events can also be scheduled on a Saturday making it very volunteer friendly. The registration fees can be collected by our office to cover all travel and event costs. Thus, there would be no cost to your district for these events. We also have a profit sharing plan set-up to split any profit realized from these events. To find out more go to

CM Event Partnership

The CM team is available to assist with your district events. We can assist you with event planning, consultation, speaking, resourcing, and much more. Our desire is to come alongside and assist you to make your events the greatest events they can be. Please contact our office for assistance with your events.

Placement Service

CM maintains a list of churches looking for children’s pastors.. If you have churches that are looking for children’s pastors, please fill out the form under the Job Postings section on the 4kids site.If you need further assistance, please call us at 417-862-1447 x4009.

My Healthy Church (MHC) Product Development

We will continue to assist MHC with the creation and promotion of new resources for Children’s Ministries. This will include bringing new ideas from the field, the creative process, and networking with children’s leaders who are currently producing effective material.

MHC Resources at Your Events

There are some great children’s ministries resources available for sale at your event, through MHC. Depending on the attendance at your event, we can also arrange for a booth to provide your leaders with great resources for children.



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