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New Consolidation update posted

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 - 8:14 AM CST


The latest newsletter concerning the consolidation of Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Central Bible College and Evangel University has been posted to the recently created consolidation website.

In this issue, along with an article announcing the new website and a prayer list, is an extensive review of the "Standards for Good Faith Consolidation." In the review, topics and term definitions are examined, providing clear explanation of common language and the standard of behavior in a "culture of trust."

"There is no simple path to consolidating three schools into one campus," states Juleen Turnage, Communications director for the Assemblies of God. "However, one key is maintaining clear communication among those intimately involved in the consolidation process as well as to those who are monitoring this process ‹ ministers, concerned alumni or laypeople who care about these institutions of faith and learning."

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