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Mundis installed, shares personal testimony

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 - 1:09 PM CST

Greg Mundis installation
The installation service (l to r): George Wood, Sandy Mundis, Greg Mundis, L. John Bueno and Loren Triplett.

Greg Mundis, the newly elected executive director of Assemblies of God World Missions, was officially installed as executive director in a special ceremony held on Tuesday, October 4, in a chapel service at the AG national offices in Springfield, Missouri.

General Superintendent George Wood presented a towel of servanthood and a bronze sculpture of Christ washing an apostle's feet to Mundis, followed by the reading of the charge of service. Dr. Wood then led in prayer over Mundis and his wife, Sandy, with the previous two former executive directors of World Missions, L. John Bueno and Loren Triplett joining them in prayer.

After Sandy Mundis gave a brief expression from her heart to the congregation, Greg then began to transparently share his personal testimony. His parent's lifestyle and his mother's lie perpetuated for decades had left some deep scars - and he admits he's only been able to share his testimony the last couple of years.

Covering his past was still an emotionally-charged trigger for Mundis as he frequently had to pause at difficult revelations - but his words held the chapel congregation riveted in surprise and compassion.

"I had no idea, " said one employee after the service. "We assume leaders are superhuman and have had perfect lives . . . ."

To view the installation service as well as Greg Mundis' moving personal testimony, click here.


Authors: Dan Van Veen

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