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1. What is the Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education?

In short, we endorse, promote and resource our colleges. View Our Purpose page for a more detailed look at us. You may be wondering what endorsement means for our schools:

  • This institution is doctrinally and spiritually sound.
  • It is loyal to the principles and standards of the Assemblies of God.
  • It has an effective instructional program.
  • It is accomplishing the objectives outlined in its program.
  • Its resources are adequately administered.
  • It is worthy of the loyalty and patronage which it receives.


2. Does the Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education provide scholarships or financial aid information?

The Alliance does work in collaboration with AG Trust, the development arm of the office of the General Superintendent, in providing limited scholarships for new students and also help for graduates of AG schools in paying off school debt. Please go to our scholarship page to learn about more scholarships and financial aid.


3. Why should I consider attending an Assemblies of God college? 

Indeed. Find out what we think here: "Is the Lower Cost Worth the High Price?"


4. What if I want to attend an Assemblies of God college, but they don't have the major I want?

First, search our colleges by academic program. If your degree is not available at one of our colleges, we encourage you to spend at least one year at an Assemblies of God college and if you still desire the same degree, transfer to a college that offers your academic program. Your experience at one of our colleges give you a spiritual foundation to continue the rest of your higher education.


5. Do Assemblies of God colleges offer distance education programs? 

Many of our colleges offer online classes. Please visit the colleges' Web sites to find out if they will be offering the online classes that you're interested in taking. One of our colleges, Global University, offers online classes exclusively.


6. What Assemblies of God colleges offer Bible/ministry degrees, and how do I become credentialed? 

All of our colleges offer Bible/ministry degrees. If you're interested in ministerial credentials in addition to your education, follow these steps:

  1. Meet the Assembly of God's qualifications via their constitution and bylaws.
  2. Contact your District Council and ask for an application to become credentialed as an AG minister. If you're not sure which district to contact, call or email the General Secretary of the Assemblies of God General Council:

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