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Thu, 28 Jan 2010 - 12:04 PM CST

Welcome to the Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies...Prepare to explore the world and settings of your faith!

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The desire to enable Assemblies of God ministers, educators, students, and laity to encounter the lands of the Bible has led to the establishment of the Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies. With the establishment of this Center, the Assemblies of God has broken ground as the first denomination ever to establish a comprehensive initiative to educate the Fellowship in the physical settings of the Bible.

Our mission:

  • To revolutionize biblical education

  • To uniquely resource Bible study

  • To reinforce biblical preaching and theology

  • To renew the spiritual experience of the ministers, educators, and laity of the Assemblies of God through an educational, interactive encounter with the biblical worlds in the lands of the Bible.

We are developing:

  • Dynamic study tours to the lands of the Bible that engage the participants in the world of the Bible

  • A resource center that produces web based, print, and multi-media resources to further and enhance the study tours, biblical education and pulpit ministry of the Fellowship, and

  • A Summer Institute in the land of Israel that provides participants with an in-depth experience and interaction with the land, languages, and culture of the biblical world.


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