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Single Awareness Clarification Quiz

Wed, 23 Sep 2009 - 11:13 AM CST

Answer each question either yes, no or sometimes. You will not be asked to share this form with anyone.

1. I have at least one friend of the same sex with whom I can share my feelings.

2. I have at least two friends of the opposite sex (single or married) with whom I can comfortably talk.

3. I am involved in one group where there are both men and women.

4. I am involved in one group where there are singles and marrieds.

5. I am aware of travel and service opportunities open primarily to singles.

6. I have studied the Scriptural view of my sex directly from the Bible so I have determined for myself what assumptions about my sex are true and what are not.

7. I can point to three personal improvements I have made this last year to make myself more aware, interesting, and better rounded to serve God as a total person.

8. I honestly like myself.

9. I like my body, my hair, and my clothes.

10. I'm glad I'm the sex I am.

11. I can list at least four advantages a single person of my sex often has over his/her married counterpart.

12. I accept my sexual drives as good, and I purposely channel that energy into other areas. I am certain that in this area of my life I am in fellowship with God.

13. I look forward to having sexual relations with my wife/husband if I should marry.

14. I can be alone without being lonely.

15. I have a job or am in training for a job which I am proud of and through which I can earn my own living.

16. The job I have or am training for has equal advancement opportunities for both sexes.

17. I can manage money. I can handle contracts, credit, business arrangements, and car and household repairs. (This involves knowing whom to contact for expert help.)

18. I see myself as head of my home/apartment, responsible to God for hospitality and service, just as a married person would be.

19. I look forward to the future.

Developed as part of a seminar on single living.

Authors: Dennis Franck

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