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Doctoral Degree Awarded Posthumously to Mark Buntain

Wed, 01 Mar 1995 - 12:00 AM CST

SPRINGFIELD, MO.--Serampore College in Calcutta, India, posthumously awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree to the Rev. Daniel Mark Buntain on February 4, 1995. Buntain, an Assemblies of God missionary, died June 4, 1989, after some 35 years of ministry in Calcutta.

Huldah Buntain received the award in her late husband's honor. David Grant, area director for Southern Asia with the Division of Foreign Missions, and Dr. and Mrs. John Higgins, Assemblies of God missionaries to Southern Asia, also attended the ceremony. "It is unusual and a great honor for an evangelical minister to be honored in this manner," said John Higgins.

The citation accompanying the degree recounted the history of the Buntains' work in Calcutta, including the founding of an elementary school, junior college, medical center, nursing school, vocational school, and Bible school. The Buntains also developed feeding programs and cared for the aged, destitute, and homeless. All of these ministries are still in operation.

"In one sense," reads the citation, "Mark and Huldah Buntain did for Calcutta what many Christian missions could not do throughout the missionary movement. He and Huldah gave concrete proof of God's love in Christ that touched every aspect of life irrespective of caste and creed. Though his ministry was magnificent, he always remained a humble servant of God. Calcutta is better today because of Buntain."

Serampore College was founded in 1818 by William Carey, founder of the English Baptist Missionary Society and lifelong missionary to India. Carey's mission work at Serampur set the pattern for modern missionary work.

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