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A Speed the Light Blessing in India

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 - 11:59 AM CST

Today in Bangalore, India, I am once again reminded of the blessing of Speed the Light.
It has been raining here for the past four days straight and the drainage systems are a dismal failure. Flooding is everywhere. Our family is fine and well taken care of thanks to our STL vehicle.
With water standing up to waist level in some places, our 2004 STL Ford Endeavor performed valiantly for our family and friends today. As it shuttled our kids to school and back and assisted friends in their journey to their homes, we said a prayer of blessing over the teens across America who faithfully give so that we can travel safely in the land of our calling.
Please thank them for us!
Joey and Carla Ellis

Written December 10, 2005.

Authors: Joey Ellis | Carla Ellis

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