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What is a Campus Club

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 - 11:36 AM CST

A campus club provides a place for Christians to gather and worship God. It also gives other students a place to come and discover God and His Word with you.

As a student, you are the perfect person to minister on your school campus. No teacher, pastor or parent can reach out to your friends as well as you. Youth Alive provides you materials to reach the lost and hurting on your campus. Does your school have an effective campus club for you to join? If so, get involved in it. If not, consider starting a Youth Alive campus club.

A Youth Alive club is a student-initiated and student-led campus group that is…

    •     Telling. It presents the message of hope to the campus through a variety of methods: See You At The Pole, True Love Waits, The Bridge, Flip The Script and The Seven Project.

    •     Service-oriented. It provides a service to the campus through various endeavors: clean-up days, canned food drives, holiday gifts and baskets for the less fortunate, and volunteer work for the school, its administration and faculty.

    •     Church-based. It seeks to maintain an open forum for all denominations and bridge a gap between students and the local church. It blends a multi-denominational effort to present the gospel. It is a vehicle to enhance the entire body of Christ on the campus. A Youth Alive club is a place where the body of Christ joins together, not a place to define its differences through discussing divisive issues.

    •     A support community. It works to become a place where Christians on campus have the opportunity to: share needs with other students, request prayer and receive encouragement from God’s Word.

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